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Preschool Curriculum To Purchase From Amazon

As if parents weren't already struggling with homeschooling, many of us now have a toddler we have to start teaching at home. It can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you have older kids whose schedules are becoming more demanding. Maybe you are also concerned about your toddler being kindergarten-ready.

I have learned some tricks and ways around feeling pressured. I will share a full list (with links) of the preschool learning activities we purchased from Amazon. This Amazon haul has allowed us a no-hassle approach to teaching preschool. If you are like me and have no time and no desire to run around researching, printing, cutting, laminating, and stressing, then this is for you! Toward the end, I will share with you some free resources that I have personally used along the way.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

On the very first day of school, we were ready with our Teach My Preschooler set!

The sturdy green carrying case holds 4 pouches inside. They are individually labeled and organized: reading, printing, math, and numbers. This set comes with some cool tools like foam numbers, foam counters, work cards, flashcards, and more. I had a mishap with the first kit we ordered because we didn't receive the number transparencies in the printing pouch. I wrote the company Teach My Preschooler directly and I was answered by the Founder & CEO herself, Christy Cook! She was wonderful and provided such amazing customer service. I can't say enough good things about this product.

The Teach My Preschooler set does have readers in it. However, I think these books are still too advanced for my little reader. They have too many words in each sentence. I wanted something more simplified. I found these great books called, Starfall Learn To Read books. There are 15 readers in the set, which makes it easier to follow a program. As you can see there is a big difference between book #1 and book #15.

The books get more challenging as you move through them. Eventually, the book will begin to introduce more sentence structure and punctuation.

For our son to practice writing his name we purchased an old school writing tablet called Flight Primary Tablet 1. You know, the ones with the fat lines that we all remember! It has 40 sheets and we bought the pack of 4 because hey we'll be using it for a while.

I decided to take a permanent marker and prewrite his name on multiple pages for writing practice. There is an alphabet chart printed in the tablet, which comes in handy for your child to recognize letters as she's writing.

Pro Tip: If your child is having trouble understanding the lines because of the perforated line in the middle...don't worry! Just take a highlighter and trace going across the top blue line and then do the same to the bottom red line. This will help them visualize the space of the 1" lines.

Next, is the Education Linking Cubes. I remember using these cubes in preschool! They are wonderful for connecting and building. We use them for activities such as non-standard measurement activities. We did one where our son counted how many blocks were needed to equal his height.

We also use these blocks for activities such as color matching and color sorting.

Staying organized is essential to one's sanity. The Storage Mini Center is a little caddy that allows your child to store school stuff and keep it organized. The cool thing about it is each compartment separates into an individual moveable container. So, your child can remove the green side with glue in it without taking the whole caddy. Amazon also carries larger ones if that interests you. I have found this to be very helpful.

The Wipe Clean Early Learning Activity Book is a dry erase workbook that comes with a dry erase marker and is spiral bound for easy foldability.

I like this book because it is easy to grab when you need something for your toddler to do in a pinch. It's handy for those times when you have to help your other kids with school, or you have to work yourself. Most of all, I like that there aren't any papers to print out or shuffle around. It's better for the planet too!

My First Pencil are those pencils that are thick and hard to hold! However, they are perfect for little hands and fingers that are just starting their journey with printing. Our son loves them. The set even comes with a proper pencil sharpener.

Using scissors is a perfect way for toddlers to work on their fine motor skills, and cutting is fun. However, cutting isn't always the safest for new learners. We bought these scissors

Spring Kids Scissors and like how they have a spring in the middle to help with motor function. We also like that there is no blade on these types of scissors, but they still cut paper.

Last on the Amazon school supply list is Blue Light Protection Glasses. I think every member of the family should have a pair. Especially kids now that they are all learning online and looking at screens way more than they used to.

That concludes the Amazon list of items we bought for homeschool! It is not a lot of stuff. We have been able to keep his school stuff in 1 bin that's labeled

"Preschool." I hope this list helps people order curriculum/supplies with no stress.

Now for the free stuff!

I found an awesome blogger at that offers a free alphabet chart and a free number chart.

I have created a FREE printable Daily Schedule that includes the Teach My Preschooler set. I designed this to be easy to follow. It's a no-fuss schedule for your school day.

I really hope this blog helps people out there not feel so stressed or lost when it comes to creating a simple at-home preschool curriculum. If you found this to be helpful or if you have any questions leave me a comment. I would love to connect! You can also check out my YouTube video on this subject.

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