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How To Celebrate a Safe Halloween During Covid-19

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Halloween happening in 2020? Well, the easy answer is, it depends on where you live! Each county across the nation has a different count of how many people are currently infected. It's important to determine where your county stands on numbers.

I love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. My family is a bunch of costumed freaks! Take a look below at our Pokemon and Batman family themes.

Please keep in mind a family theme is not necessary to have a trunk or treat. I understand that not all parents want to dress up, and that is perfectly okay.

I am determined not to let Covid-19 ruin Halloween. The Hershey candy company is working with health officials to give people an idea of where their area is in regards to safety. Check out the article here.

I am in Northern California, so according to the map, we are in the yellow category. I will be giving ideas mostly about how to proceed if you are in an area that can have some limited contact with others. It's also imperative that you assess how you feel about some contact with people. Some people are okay with it and some want to be completely removed.

I have decided that I am okay with contact only as it pertains to kids retrieving their candy. With that in mind, I think a redefined trunk or treat is a great way to accomplish this. If you aren't familiar with a trunk or treat you can read a full-length article here. In a nutshell, it's a gathering of close nit friends and family getting together in an open space with their themed car trunks for candy giving.

In this case, it should be really close friends and family and probably a smaller group than usual. A redefined trunk or treat allows for amazing Halloween creativity, costumes, and decorations along while respecting social distancing measures.

Where To Start

Start by figuring out who is going to be the go-to for this gathering. If it's you...right on!

I like to use Evite for email party invitations. They have cute Halloween invitations. To use Evite you need the email addresses of the folks you want to invite. You can also send the invite via text, but honestly, I haven't had good luck with that! It may be a good idea to include an article or photo of a trunk or treat in the invite for those who have never heard of it. Here are some examples of what Evite has to offer...cute right?

Here's the invite I put together

Where are you going to have it? Commonly they are held in school or church parking lots. I think this is a good way to encourage neighbors, friends, and families to come and park on your street and open up shop. If you have someone with a nicer street or better parking options consider using their neighborhood instead. Finding a local parking lot attached to a business can also work. You want the parking lot to be large enough to fit everyone and allow for the vehicles to park 6 or more feet apart easily. Also, remember that Halloween 2020 is on a Saturday, so you want to make sure you check out the public parking lot on the weekend to see if it gets chained closed. I would do a steak out of the parking lot of your choice at night and on the weekend!

Next, decide what are the safety precautions you will put in place. Masks should be mandatory for the gathering. I would also add gloves just to be even safer. Try and encourage people to incorporate masks and gloves into their costumes this year. It is probably a good idea to emphasize that people should only give out candies that are secure inside their packaging. Sorry to some of our favorite lollipops such as Dum Dums, Blow Pops, and Tootsie Pops. All of these precautions should be emphasized on the invite you send out to your guests. I would have Lysol spray and wipes on hand, as well as a hand sanitizer station next to your car.

Think of a theme for your trunk. You can be as minimal or as elaborate as your heart desires. This year it is exceptionally important to think of alternative ways to get the kids their candy. Usually, at a trunk or treat, each kid would put their hand in a bucket on their own and pull out a piece of candy. Coming up with a theme that incorporates some kind of candy dispenser/contraption is challenging, but fun. A baseball-themed trunk could mean someone "pitches" each child their candy. A bowling theme could mean you "bowl" them their candy. Maybe a galaxy or alien theme could encourage you to use a drone to drop candy to trick or treaters. If you have a car theme you could use a remote control car to "drive" them their candy. The sky's the limit on how creative you can be! Here are some examples

You can also have basic themes like a monster car, vampire car, or a big spider that sits on your car. Amazon sells no-fuss trunk decorating kits.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

We have decided to re-do our Mario Bros. theme. We did it a few years back before we had our third child. I figure reusing old costumes takes the pressure off of us to have to spend money on new costumes. It's already a stressful time for so many people, so I highly suggest making it easier for yourself.

As you can see the mustaches and eyebrows were painted on with face paint. This year I will take white surgical masks and paint them with acrylic paint to match each of our skin tones. I didn't find white masks, but I did find these pink masks at Target which were 2 for $4.

I bought skin tone colored acrylic paint for each of my family members. I copied images I found online of character masks.

Instead of regular white gloves, we will all wear surgical gloves. For my husband and me, our gloves have initials on them, so I will draw them on with a permanent marker.

As for our van, we will stay with our theme of Mario Bros. and decorate it as such. I researched trunk or treat Mario Bros and found some awesome trunks! As you can see you can put as much into decorating your trunk as you want to. Here's a couple of inspiration pictures.

Pictures via Pinterest

I am going to use the pictures as guides to creating a scene that allows for contactless candy giving. I have a few ideas to test out. I want to use items that I already have first. This will minimize how much money we spend on supplies. My first idea is to do a Mario Kart theme and "drive" the candy to each kid via remote control cars! My second idea is to build a 6ft green "Mario pipe". I would make it with connected PVC piping that I will spray paint green. We will send the candy through the Mario pipe to each trick or treater. Candy slides are saving Halloween. There is an awesome DIY video on Youtube on how to build a candy slide out of PVC. Here are some examples of candy slides others have made

This is my goal anyway! I may just end up buying a car decorating kit from Amazon!

I hope this helps people realize that they can have a real Halloween this year! It's all about being creative. If there is anything 2020 has taught us it is that thinking outside of the box is the way to go, and it means that Halloween will be ultra-creative this year! If you do this please leave me a comment and a picture of how it worked out for you...I would love to see it!

Check out my YouTube video on the subject

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