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Homeschool: What The Hell!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would be homeschooling our children! Being a stay at home mom of 12 years I imagined I was ready to do this. Surely, having studied early childhood education would help me. I was wrong. Schooling our 12, 9, and 3 year old is no freaking joke.

I wake up every day never knowing what to expect. Preparing the night before makes no difference at all. I can tell by the kind of arguing in the morning what the day is going to be like. Yet, I stupidly go ahead and try to plan and prepare for school the next day.

My head is spinning from all of the information parents are being given. We had no warning. We had two weeks of unguided lessons at home because there was no real system in place to transition to home learning. Those moments of teaching at home alone were when I realized I had no damn idea what to do. I am operating solely on autopilot, never stopping to take a breath.

I decided to bring back home economics. Cooking dinner became science and math. Social studies is now watching documentaries about past pandemics. So what if it scares our nine-year-old half to death. He will surely wash his hands now! Common core math makes me want to throw the kids laptop out of the window. I yell in my head, "I'm the teacher now so we are going back to the old way!" If the internet goes down one more time I am going to scream. Someone tell me why I decided to potty train our three-year-old in the midst of all this. As of today Tik Tok satisfies our daughter's PE requirement. Is ten o'clock in the morning too early to have a drink?

I am going to lose it if I receive an email about one more kid learning site. I am up to my eyeballs in Zearn Khan Academy, Newsela, Razkids, ABC mouse, and zoom calls. Our children have sheets of login codes and I want to rip them into a million pieces every time I see them. Except, I need them. Yes, I let the television babysit my kids. It's for their wellbeing and mine.

This has taught me that I can't plan for everything. I have to learn to accept things as they are. I can't control what happens. There may be days where we just can't do it, and that has to be alright. I honor our guys are heroes. I am going to be nicer to me. I am going to lay off of the kids a bit. So, here's to the parents taking matters into their own hands some days and saying no to school work. Bravo to you for saying yes to things like pj's and video games all day. You rock!

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