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Corona Odyssey

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Does anyone else feel a sense of worry and anxiety looming in the background of your life?

I do. Trying to keep some normalcy for the kids.

The extra precautions we have to take to keep ourselves healthy is


Standing in line for the grocery store is WOW.

Someone leaves. Someone enters.

Keep six feet between you. Do not stand to close in line.

One, and I do mean one, person goes to the store at a time.

Shopping is a game of "See what we can score".

Dinner is even better with an undertaking of no recipes just, "how creative can we be".

Need frozen veggies? Nope. Empty. Empty. Empty

No paper towels. No toilet paper.

We all worry about it....

If I run out, "What will I wipe my butt with?"

Back home from the store to disinfect everything we just bought.

Take it from processing at the front door to unpacking and transferring.

Wiping down everything we just used. Wash hands. Change clothes.

Going for a walk everyday has been like learning an unspoken new language.

People quietly bob and weave around each other going from the sidewalk to the street and back again in order to achieve that 6 foot distancing.

No one talks. Faces covered. We just nod at each other. We all know.

How do we explain distancing to our children?

Should we tell them the world is sick. That we all have the cooties.

Tell them it's like a really really bad cold. Tell them to cover their sneeze and hope they listen.

Thoughtful people using a street library box as a pantry for those in need.

Grab some pasta, a book, and a puzzle. Why not? Way to spread some joy people.

What about me? Am I thinking about others? How I can spread joy? How can I make someone smile?

Kids now homeschooling. Parents scrambling. Parents stressed. Parents worried.

How in the hell are we going to get through common core?!

Can I survive my own kids? Shuffling them off to school was a luxury.

If my kids whine, complain, scream, or throw one more fit I swear I am walking out.

Create your own learning environment. Throw out every schedule you had. Give in and embrace your new normal.

Slowing down. Facing each other. Make a pact to take it minute by minute.

Set an intention to be present in the moment together.

Be nice to yourself. Accept it. Don't fight it.

Everyone do their part to bend the curve. Our new normal.

If you can, stay home. Cover your face. Say your prayers. Light your sage.

Manifest a wellness mindset.

Reach out. Sympathize. Trust your intuition. Use common sense.

Let's celebrate mother earth's healing process!

Just care. Laugh more. Love each other. Help each other.

We can get through this. We will get through this. TOGETHER.

Check out my video on the subject!

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